LaserPlus Measurement System even measures Profile tools


LaserPlusLaserPlus is ANCA's premium tool measurement product. Mounted inside the machine, the fully automatic LaserPlus Measurement System uses a laser beam to measure a cutting tool's dimensions without removing it from the tool grinder. The software then compares a ground tool's actual measurements to the required tool geometry. If needed, the machine automatically compensates to ensure tools are consistently within required tolerances.


TX7 LaserPlus
LaserPlus (shown without cover) on TX7+ tool grinder

Measure & compensate profile tools automatically

As part of the ongoing development of LaserPlus ANCA will launch the ability of the LaserPlus to measure and compensate profile tools at Grindtec. The LaserPlus will be demonstrated on the TX7+ tool grinder. The LaserPlus, integrated with ANCA's industry leading profile tool software will allow customers to produce complex helical profile tools. All without manual intervention by the operator, or an expensive secondary measuring machine. This capability will be of particular interest to customers manufacturing fir tree cutters for the turbine industry.

The LaserPlus system can measure and maintain an accuracy ± 0.002mm (0.0001”) or less, over a large batch of tools. In the case of endmills, LaserPlus measures opposite flutes of a tool (top and bottom) providing an absolute tool diameter and ensuring the highest accuracy. Additionally, the LaserPlus enables customers to measure and compensate endmill:

• Outside diameter (OD) of non-tapered tools with Facet and Eccentric relief
• Ballnose profile and Corner radius profile
• Nominal radius of Ballnose and Corner radius

LaserPlus with cover on the TX7+ tool grinder - shown with a profile tool

Minimise waste

Being fully automated, the LaserPlus measurement process improves productivity of both machine and operator, while reducing costs as scrap parts are also reduced.

The frequency of laser probing during batch grinding is set up in the software. This helps ensure that your tools remain within the required tolerances from the first tool to the last.


The non-contact nature of the laser probe is one of its strengths. As it doesn't come in contact with tools it can't damage them, especially fragile micro-tools. The laser is permanently mounted inside the machine and will not interfere with the typical grinding processes. A controlled air blast system on the laser unit ensures that coolant or contaminants do not interfere with the measurement process.

Test results showed the LaserPlus and SPC successfully controlled the size of the diameter on a 6.0 mm tool over
a batch of 50 tools. The laser achieved a Cpk of 1.82 on a tolerance of +/-0.005 mm (0.0002”). Controlling and compensating for tool run out also pose no problems to the LaserPlus system.

  This graph shows the LaserPlus measurement results achieving a CpK of 1.82 for the tool OD (overall diameter)


TX7-machine---LaserPlus.JPGKey benefits

  • Reduced set-up times
  • Can measure micro-tools
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of waste
  • Laser OD SPC cycle
  • Any required adjustments are found and made automatically
  • No tool damage as non-contact
  • Reduces the need for expensive off-line measuring equipment
  • Measures top and bottom of tools for increased accuracy
  • Automatic in-process measurement saves operator time


Min/max tool lengths that can be inserted:
Min. 10 mm - max 38 mm
Min. tool diameter: 0.5 mm
Max. tool diameter: 20 mm (for absolute tool diameter measurement)
Larger diameters are possible when measuring off the datum reference
Measurement tool accuracy ± 0.002 mm


Currently available for the TX7+, TXcell, MX7 and MX5 tool grinders

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