12 ToolRoom Software Tips to Save You Time


From tips on how to quickly open iGrind .TOM files, to viewing all parameter changes, this month's 12 general tips will help you get the most from your ANCA ToolRoom software.  These simple hints for navigating different areas in ToolRoom will save you time and make your job easier.

Tip 1

Drag-to-select on a touch-screen can be awkward.  Instead, LEFT CLICK on the parameter LABEL to select the value


Tip 2

DRAG and DROP .TOM files from Explorer onto the main page of iGrind to open them more quickly


Tip 3

Personalise your Utilities menu by using the configure function to add or remove functions to the drop-down menu

  • The menu item can run a script, part program or .exe



 Tip 4

In iGrind (in ToolRoom 2012) drag the image in the Integrated 3D graphics by holding CTRL 

Hold CTRL & SHIFT, then drag the image to zoom in / out 

Tip 5

Add reference diameters to the 2D graphics in iGrind and flute cross-section graphics by using RIGHT CLICK

  • This can be useful for seeing where the flute intersects certain step diameters

Tip 6

Use the PROFILE software wizard to create a roughing / ripper cutter from a standard profile

  •  The Profile software package is an option



Tip 7

Use the Preview Browser (instead of the standard file browser) to browse .TOM files by image instead of by name

  • From version ToolRoom 2012 the 3D preview image is automatically saved with the .TOM file


Ti--7.jpg  Tip-7a.jpg

Tip 8

RIGHT CLICK on a surface in the integrated 3D graphics, SELECT OPEN WORKSHEET to view operation parameters for the Operation (e.g. flute from solid) that ground the surface

  • On a Simulator do an ALT & LEFT CLICK to do the same
  • On a touch screen do an ALT & touch the feature to do the same

Looking at how to open an Operation worksheet for a tool

Looking at how to open an Operation worksheet for a tool

Flute from solid worksheet opened from 3D graphics Operations worksheet in above picture

 Flute from solid worksheet opened from 3D graphics Operations worksheet in above picture

Tip 9

Alt + Right click to snap the grinding wheel to position on the tool in Cim3D

  •  A very helpful feature that helps you to ensure that the grinding wheel will only be grinding parts of the tool it is intended to.  It allows you to very quickly go to the part in the cycle where the grinding wheel and tool connect.



Select the tool feature, then Alt + Right Click


Tip 10

When using CIM3D V7 .dxf overlays can be imported to check tool profiles

  • In ToolRoom Version RN31 & above iGrind automatically sends the 2D overlay to CIM3D



Tip 11

RIGHT CLICK on a parameter to obtain the EVENT LOG which will provide you with the history of each change made to that parameter

Tip 12

To obtain a list of all the parameter changes to a .TOM file choose EVENT LOG under the VIEW tab in the menu 

For more ToolRoom software tips, refer to previous Software articles on the ANCA website.


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