High Efficiency & High Torque Modes on ANCA FX Linear Tool Grinders



The FX Linear machines have the ability to run the wheel spindle in two different modes. These modes give the operator the ability to utilise the best spindle setting to suit a specific grinding application or a part to be manufactured.

High efficiency mode

  • Beneficial where size variation, accuracy and stability is more critical than spindle power.
  • This mode reduces the available spindle torque and can be used in grinding operations like OD finish, endface finish, corner radius or ballnose grinding etc.
  • Has an advantage of reduced power consumption which reduces the user’s energy bills.

High torque mode

  • Used when high spindle power is required during heavy fluting operations and may be in some large diameter gashing operations.


Swap between modes on FX

Customers with FX Linear tool grinders can install a new version of sofware which offers the flexibility to switch between high torque and high efficiency modes.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download and install “Patch_ToolRoom_32.5_17.00.exe” using the button below.

  2. Download the bundle from the link below, and use the “File -> Install Bundle” menu in iGrind to install the “set_spindle_mode_example (iGrind).zip” bundle.

  3. Use “Add Operations” in iGrind to add the two “Spindle Mode” special operations to any tool file that requires spindle mode changes.

Note: This update applies to ToolRoom RN32.5 release on FX machines only.


Once the bundle (set spindle mode) is installed Use “Add Operations” from specials in iGrind to add the two “Spindle Mode” operations to any tool file that requires spindle mode changes. These special operations have to be used in pair to swap between High torque and high efficiency since or used just one if only high efficiency is required.

Below are two examples of how the special operations are used in iGrind.

 1-(1).png    2.png

ANCA recommends to use “High efficiency mode” to achieve and maintain better size control in the grinding process. High torque mode” should be used for heavy fluting or similar operations.

In case of difficulty in downloading the patch or special operations, please contact your local ANCA support staff.


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