ANCA TX7 Linear - the new benchmark universal grinder



The wait is over. After outstanding success of linear motors on MX and FX machine range, TX has now too been through a major update program. While keeping all the capabilities and options that has made TX7 one of ANCA’s most loved machine models, updates on the TX Linear include:

  • Linear motors on X, Y and also Z axis
  • New ergonomic HMI (human to machine interface) and remote control pendant
  • New AM5C CNC and AMD5X servo drives

TX7 Linear is the new industry benchmark for production grinding and machining of cutting tools and components. With its large working envelope and powerful grinding spindle, TX7 Linear delivers precision and productivity across the widest range of applications. TX7 Linear finds the perfect balance between proven designs combined with ANCA’s newest technologies.

The rigid bisymmetrical column design on the solid polymer concrete base has been the foundation design of ANCA machines over the years. Now, in addition, ANCA’s new LinX cylindrical linear motors and linear glass scales are fitted as standard on X, Y and Z for proven and unsurpassed long term reliability and accuracy. The result is a superior machine that ensures customers will meet ever increasing market demands of precision CNC tool grinding, no matter the industry.

Taking the step up to TXcell, keeps all the capabilities of the TX7 Linear and adds automatic tool changing and 9 wheel packs as standard, with the option of up to 24 wheel packs, delivering the ultimate in machine flexibility. These benefits also carry through to other models including TapX, TapXcell and SBG (stick blade grinder).

Incorporating over 40 years of software experience, TX7 Linear and TXcell Linear run ANCA’s ToolRoom application software. This will ensure you can easily program all the tools you know, while allowing scope for others you haven’t yet thought of.



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