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International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS)

Booth: N-7414  Pavilion: Abrasive Machining/Sawing/Finishing

Date: 10 - 15 September, 2012

Venue: McCormick Place - Chicago, IL, USA


NEW MX5 tool grinder to be seen in the US for the first time - at IMTS!

MX5The MX5 is the latest member of the popular MX family. ANCA has included the most important features of the MX platform – while still designing a lower cost machine!

The machine has been designed with the volume producer in mind, but also has the flexibility to easily manufacture mixed batches.

The stability and power has been matched perfectly to the needs of endmill manufacturers.  But the MX5 also suits a wide range of other tool grinding applications. However, costs have been reduced compared to the premium MX7 by altering features not required by all users. These include the reduction of the number of wheelpacks from 6 down to 2. This has meant the creation of a precise, flexible machine that is affordable to more customers.

Come & see the improved features of the new ToolRoom 2012 & CIM3D software 

ToolRoomA ‘software demonstration booth’ will be set-up on the stand so visitors will have the opportunity to use ANCA’s new Cim3D V7 3D simulation software, new Toolroom 2012 (RN32) and other ANCA software.

ANCA’s application specialists will demonstrate the exciting new Toolroom 2012 features such as the new integrated 3D graphics in iGrind and the new endmill wizard.

They will also demonstrate how Cim3D V7’s simulation time is 30% faster, the new 2D overlays for instant visual verification, and how the improved sectioning tool allows users to precisely dissect the tool for accurate measurement.

Launch of the FastLoad Automation System for FastGrind & GX7

FastLoadAlso being launched at IMTS will be the FastLoad loader which will be a feature of the regrind demonstration on the FastGrind CNC tool and cutter grinder.  ANCA’s FastLoad is an efficient, economical solution for automatic loading, and is available on both the FastGrind and GX7.  It can be retrofitted to existing machines.

Designed to meet strict space and budget specifications, the FastLoad is fully contained within the machine canopy and uses the existing machine axes for movement.  This means the footprint of the grinder is not increased and the loader movements are kept simple, resulting in a low-cost automation option.

Developed from the innovative CLX Loader, the FastLoad consists of a cantilevered arm attached to the machine spindle column and a pallet installed on the Z-axis saddle.  The pallet is loaded and unloaded from a door in the canopy side panel.

 A range of ANCA machines on show

In addition to the MX5 tool grinder, favourites such as the MX7, FastGrind, TXCell and GX7 will also be on display.

The highly successful  MX7 tool grinder will be at IMTS demonstrating a wide variety of accessories. The MX7 comes as standard with 6 station wheel changer for loading wheel packs.


And the new accessories we have to show off at IMTS...

NC Steady

NC Steady
The NC Steady is a time saving automatic tool support system.  It will be launched at IMTS with an ongoing demonstration on the MX7 tool grinder.  For the first time for an ANCA tool support system, the NC Steady will set the height for the tool diameter automatically.  Previously the operator had to do this manually.  The NC Steady will reduce operator time and the potential for operator error.

Wheel Qualification Probe
ANCA’s new Wheel Qualification Probe will demonstrate automatic wheel measurement on the MX5. This will provide faster set-up and eliminate human error.

Laser Probe 
A new laser probe on the MX7 will demonstrate how the OD measurement of a ballnose or profile tool can be checked in the machine after grinding to ensure accuracy and to allow any required adjustments.

Overhead Top Clamp
A new upgraded Overhead Top Clamp (OTC) model will be demonstrated at IMTS.  When used with a flexible high precision collet adaptor the new OTC will achieve a consistent tool run out of less than 0.003mm in either manual or automatic loading.

Come and see us at IMTS, we look forward to seeing you there.
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