The Sharp E Newsletter - September 2011


This month we welcome our first guest writer to Sharp E.  The Grinding Doc talks about 'Aggressiveness' and a better way to set speeds and feeds for tool grinding.  It's EMO time so we  introduce the new products ANCA will launch at the show.  These include the RoboMate Universal Loader, Tap grinding on the TXcell, Toolroom 2012 software, Wheel Qualification Probe, Laser Probe and more.  We also celebrate the 20th anniversary of ANCA GmbH and invite you to visit us at EMO at our stand in Hall 6 - Booth F14.  If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, please follow the unsubscribe link at the end of this email.

New! 3D-In-Design, Wheel & Laser Probing, Thread Measure + more … EMO 2011

ANCA will be exhibiting at EMO 2011 in Hannover, Germany. Visit us to see the TXCell, TX7+, MX7, GX7 and Fastgrind tool grinder demonstrations. See the benefits of new Toolroom 2012 software in the ANCA ‘Computer Simulation Booth’, watch tap grinding on the TXcell with new in-machine thread relief measurement, find out the benefits of the new Wheel Qualification Probe and Laser Probe on the MX7 and help ANCA GmbH celebrate 20 years!

RoboMate - The New "Universal" Loader for ANCA Tool Grinders

On show at EMO 2011 will be ANCA's groundbreaking RoboMate Loader.  A standardised automation system for the ANCA TX7, MX7 and RX7 CNC tool grinders, RoboMate will increase output and reduce training and tooling costs. At its heart is the reliable Fanuc LR Mate 200iC robot. This compact new loader can handle over 2500, 3mm tools, with standardised pallets and tool holding.  And ANCA's RoboMate Software provides ANCA's trademark flexibility and ease of use without having to program the robot directly.

Aggressiveness - A Better Way to Set Speeds and Feeds for Tool Grinding

This month our guest writer, Jeffrey Badger (Ph.D.), the Grinding Doc, talks about finding the 'Sweet Spot' of your wheel.  He describes this as when the speeds and feeds are set just right and the wheel cuts well, gives a good surface finish, doesn't wear away too quickly and generally grinds better.  The Grinding Doc is well regarded in the field and will be at EMO in 2011.

ANCA will from time to time include guest writers in Sharp E that are technical specialists in their relevant area.  These will write on subjects to provide information that will be of interest and assistance to our readers.  Please note that the information in these articles are the opinions of the authors named.

Tap Grinding on the TXcell - Bigger Wheels. More Wheels

ANCA pioneered the all-in-one tap grinding solution with the TapX. At EMO 2011, ANCA will launch the TXcell for Tap Grinding. With 50% bigger grinding wheels (300mm) than the TapX and a lot more of them (up to 24 wheel packs), TXcell is quicker to set up and holds tolerance even longer. And the all-in-one concept is taken to new levels with the integrated robot put to good use for brush honing and laser etching while the machine is busy grinding the next tap! Drop by our stand and see TXcell in action.

20th Anniversary of ANCA GmbH

In 1991, ANCA made a critical decision to set up a new branch office in Germany, and this year celebrates the 20th anniversary of this major milestone in the company’s history.   The official opening was held after EMO in 1991 and this milestone will be celebrated at EMO 2011.  This is the story of ANCA GmbH.

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