The Sharp E Newsletter - October 2012


This month, Tru-Edge Grinding Inc. in Ohio, USA talk about how they applied their expertise in tool grinding to the demanding application of medical tools and components.  We share some tips to help you get the most out of your ToolRoom software and launch our new Application Section of the ANCA website.  We also compare the Travelling Steady long tool support options that reduce vibration and improve surface finish.



Tru-Edge Grinding Apply Their Grinding Skills to the Medical Market

Tru-Edge Grinding Inc. is based in Ohio, USA and provides precision regrinding and reconditioning services. They share how they are applying their grinding expertise to the medical field by using the ANCA MX7 and TX7+ to manufacture complex surgical tools, and what options in particular helped them make the transition to the medical market.

12 ToolRoom Software Tips to Save You Time

ToolRoom tips are always popular, this month we have 12 general ToolRoom tips that will help you get the best out of your ANCA ToolRoom software. Using video to demonstrate some tips, we include everything from tips on how to quickly open iGrind .TOM files - to how to quickly show the grinding wheel next to the tool in Cim3D.  These will save you time and may just include the tip you have been looking for!

Travelling Steady - Your Options to Support Long Tools

A Travelling Steady tool support system on a P-Axis in your tool grinder can open up new markets for accurate long-length tools. But with 3 options available, which one is the right one for your business?  Is it the Arobotech, suitable for long drills with back taper?  Maybe the Bush-type with its suitability for fixed diameter tool?  Or even the Tailstock, if Taps are your speciality?  We explain the differences between each to help you decide.

ANCA Launch New Application Section on Website

We have recently relaunched the Applications section of our website so that it includes a lot more detail, pictures and videos. Now you can find out more about the strengths of the ANCA machines specifically in relation to grinding endmills, drills and medical instruments as they all provide their own challenges. 

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