30% off ToolRoom 2012 software & CNC new upgrade offer


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ToolRoom softwareEvery year we find ways to improve your productivity and precision. Your existing software was the best at the time, upgrade now to keep your competitive edge.


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ToolRoom softwareDue to significant software and system requirement changes you will need to upgrade to the latest CNC specification to upgrade to ToolRoom 2012 and any future software releases.

This is an excellent opportunity to receive the latest ANCA software AND also our latest CNC at a 30% discount.

A good opportunity to ensure that your ANCA tool grinder has the latest release software and CNC, even if you bought it a year, or 15 years ago.


  ANCA MX5 Tool Grinder

Features of ToolRoom 2012

•  New integrated 3D & 2D graphics

•  New customisable end mill wizard

•  Improved simulation time

•  Automatic K-Land calculation

•  Calculated hook compensation
   (for profile tools - no need for digitising)

 Over 100 new enhancements! 

ToolRoom bannerToolRoom 2012 &
CNC Upgrade Offer

Register your interest to find out the price for the ToolRoom 2012 & CNC upgrade 30% discount offer.

The offer includes ToolRoom 2012 software and new CNC upgrade (with 1 year warranty included).

Service charges are not included.

The offer is available for all recent models and all X-class ANCA machines. Virtually all Windows based machines can be upgraded.

Register your interest and your local ANCA representative will contact you to discuss your machine compatibility and ToolRoom package price. Some older machines may need some additional parts, your local ANCA representative will be able to advise.

Offer available for a limited time

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