The Sharp E Newsletter - Oct 2016


Reduce lead times and load tools on the fly with radio-frequency identification

The radio-frequency identification technology on RoboMate enables customers to maximise productivity and increase output, significantly reducing the setup time when grinding mixed batches of tools.


ANCA launches a step-change in the robot teaching process with RoboTeach

The new RoboTeach solution simplifies what was a complex and time consuming task of teaching a robot on RoboMate Loaders. Automating the teaching of the RoboMate Fanuc 200iD robot significantly decreases downtime and improves accuracy to achieve greater productivity and profit for the customer.

Another ANCA Fast Fact: RFID on RoboMate

ANCA's Applications Engineer Jarred Setty demonstrates the RFID on RoboMate, a cost and time-saving solution for users grinding mixed batches of tools.

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