The Sharp E Newsletter - March 2013


This month we talk to Aerospace suppliers Precorp, Wichita and Technicut and discuss how new composite based aircraft are creating new challenges and opportunities for tool manufacturers. We also look at the new MicroPlus workholding and toolholding system for ANCA tool grinders which is achieving less than 3 micron runout. The time-saving new Auto-Stick wheel conditioning system is also previewed.

ANCA Helps Aerospace Industry Manufacture New Composite Based Aircraft

The Aerospace industry is experiencing significant change with aircraft by manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus now incorporating even 50% of composite materials in designs to achieve benefits such as an in increase in fuel efficiency. This has implications for the tool manufacturers who sell to the aerospace industry. They are continuing to develop new tooling solutions to suit the latest materials. ANCA tool grinders are being utilised by United States companies such as Precorp Inc and Wichita Precision Tools Inc, and Technicut in the United Kingdom to help them all excel in their respective markets. They are using their existing expertise to develop new products for new-age aerospace composites.

NEW! MicroPlus workholding system provides less than 3 micron runout

ANCA has launched a revolutionary new workholding and tool support system called the MicroPlus. This month we include a brief overview about its benefits for those who missed last month's technical article.

New! Auto-Stick - the Time-saving Wheel Conditioning System

Auto-Stick Automatic Wheel Conditioning Systems are available for the ANCA tool grinder range. The 1, 2 or 4 position Auto-Stick Systems provide in-between cycle conditioning (sticking) of wheels so the wheel cuts better and lasts longer. Find out the other benefits of the Auto-Stick and how it effects the Grinding Ratio.

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