The Sharp E Newsletter - July 2010


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MX7 Demonstrations Run Hot at GrindTec 2010

The GrindTec 2010 exhibition in Augsburg Germany once again proved to be the leading international exhibition for grinding, showcasing the leading technology companies within this field. Crowds around the newest ANCA machine, the MX7 were constant, wanting to see our live grinding demonstrations of carbide step drill and high helix ballnose endmill production. The MX7's integrated wheel and coolant manifold changer, incorporating precision wheel to arbor orientation control was very much appreciated by the production conscious visitors to ANCA's stand.

Knees Please - Orthopedic Implant Grinding

The Global Financial Crisis of 2008-09 took its toll on many tool and cutter manufacturers worldwide, forcing some to reduce output by 50-80%. In the aftermath of such economic downturns, many companies look at diversification strategies to better insulate themselves from volatile economic conditions. Medical Orthopedic Implant grinding is just such an application that can be counter cyclical to recessions. Find out what you need to do to set up a CNC tool grinder to successfully compete in the orthopedic grinding market. ’

Why did we stop making our dedicated punch grinder?

Because there's now a better way of grinding punches, that's why. CNC tool grinders have a long history of swallowing an ever increasing range of grinding jobs apart from just drills and mills. Workpieces from broaches and reamers to medical implants are succumbing to the superior versatility, accuracy and speed of grinding on modern 5 axis tool grinders. Turret and pill punches will be the next to fall totally under the domain of the CNC tool grinder … that's why we have discontinued the ANCA PGX, our very successful dedicated punch grinder.

ANCA Software Tips - RN31 Volume 1

ANCA is renowned the world over for the flexibility of our tool grinding software. Here we introduce you to some of our latest software features that help you grind exactly what you want. Learn how to use complex parameters which can vary along their length via any function you define. Find out about our major enhancements to the profile accuracy and flexibility of our ballnose grinding software and other useful tips such as using CIMulator 3D to highlight the differences between two tools.

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