RoboMate loader can now use Schunk collets


You can now use Schunk Tendo collets with your ANCA RoboMate loader. ANCA has recently launched the RoboMate loading to Schunk Tendo hydraulic collet system. Schunk collets are widely used for their excellent tool runout and rigidity. They also deliver excellent vibration dampening for better surfaces and increased service life of tools.

The moving gripper head prevents jamming

This RoboMate/Schunk system solves the challenge of auto-loading tools into a collet with tight tolerances between adapter to collet and collet to tool. ANCA has developed a new robot head and grippers for the RoboMate loader to load tools and/or Schunk Tendo collets.The special gripper head allows the gripper holding the tool to move just enough to compensate for misalignment which otherwise could cause jamming during loading. It prevents jamming even with the tight tolerances of <0.01mm (0.0003”) which exist between the collet and hydraulic collet adaptor.

On the left a collet is loaded into the Schunk adaptor. On the right a tool is loaded into the collet.

Autoload mixed diameter batches

With this system, ANCA customers can now autoload mixed diameter batches of tools using the RoboMate loader and Schunk Tendo hydraulic collet system. It is especially useful for operators who want to grind or regrind varying tool shank diameters in small or medium batches in one set-up.

It's all about the 2 collet sizes

The unique gripper design allows for the loading of:

20mm OD collet          
holds tools up to Ø16mm

32mm OD collet
holds tools up to Ø28mm


The Schunk Tendo adaptor and bayonet collet used with ANCA RoboMate

These two versatile collet sizes provide the system with its flexibility. The 32mm OD collet holds tools that the smaller 20mm OD collet will hold AND tools up to Ø28mm. Only one collet per tool size is required, minimising tooling costs. During automated loading, 32mm OR 20mm collets can be used. Changing between the two collet sizes requires a manual change of the collet adaptor. 

Collet Racks

The collets are stored on a collet rack inside the RoboMate loader. The 32mm type and 20mm type collets are kept on separate collet racks that hold 6 sizes each and are in view of the operator.

A Collet rack at the front with 3 pallet strips at the back


The RoboMate software enables operators to set tool groups of different diameter and type, assigning collets to be loaded when required. An added feature of the software is the ability to program the loading of tool blanks directly to the collet adaptor, if the tool size is 20mm or 32mm (i.e. same size as collet adaptor).

Pallet strips

The 3 pallet strip system for different diameters for use with Schunk collet system

To facilitate mixed diameter tool loading ANCA has developed pallet strips that divide a normal RoboMate pallet into 3 sections. This means one pallet can be loaded with up to 3 different diameter tools.

Pallet strips are ordered in pairs for load and unload.

Assuming 2 fully loaded pallets and 2 empty for unload, the potential tool capacity of this system is:

  • 3-20mm tools: 162 tools (3 x 9 tools per pallet strip)
  • 16-32mm tools: 84 tools (2 x 7 tools per pallet strip)

Available for all ANCA tool grinders

The RoboMate loading to Schunk Tendo Hydraulic Collet System is available for use across the ANCA tool grinder range allowing you to standardise your systems and reduce parts required.


  • Automatically grind mixed batches of tools with varying diameter and type
  • Reduced tooling costs as only one collet is required for each tool shank diameter
  • Floating gripper head design avoids jamming when loading tools or collets
  • Designed for complete unmanned operation
  • Useful for regrind shops where a range of tool shank sizes and small batches are common
  • Automated loading is compatible with other work holding systems such as PMH 5 Jaw chuck or Schaublin collets

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