Launching the second generation of LaserPlus - Part two



Ability to measure the maximum OD and compensate


An option has been provided to digitize long and short flutes separately and find the larger diameter flute (long or short) and compensate using LaserPlus . Maximum diameter compensation does not compensate the difference between long and short flutes, it will compensate all flutes by the error measured on the maximum set of flutes. In case of 3 flutes the laser will digitize all edges separately, find the largest diameter and compensate.



Measurement report for ballnose and corner radius tools

In many cases Tool manufacturers need to supply measurement reports with the ground tool to verify tolerances and compliance standards have been met. LaserPlus now comes as standard with the capability to produce a measurement report for ballnose and corner radius type tools (measurement reports for profile are already available). Note: The errors measured on LaserPlus is based on the nominal arc radius whereas some external measurement device may be based upon the ‘best fit’ profile. This feature is another significant enhancement enabling our customers to meet the expected quality protocols demanded by the market.




Multiple measurement points for cylindrical grinding


In previous software releases when using the Laser, it was only possible to choose one point along the surface when cylindrical grinding. Now we have an option to choose multiple points and take the maximum diameter measurement. The operator has a choice of inputting the number of points they want to use.




Introduction of CP/CPK when using LaserPlus with OD SPC charts

We have now introduced Cp/Cpk integration to ensure drawing and grinding tolerance capability. When using LaserPlus with OD SPC the user can enter upper and lower tolerances along with minimum number of samples and sample size. The user can also decide if they want to terminate the current batch if Cp or Cpk falls below a threshold. This feature can be used with the iGrind multiple tool option or in conjunction with Loadermate for large batches of tools.



Support for shear tools with insert width on shear plane

LaserPlus can now support measurement for shear tools with insert width on shear plane. The user can choose the profile and relief relative to centreline or insert plane. This enhancement is beneficial when grinding tooling such as the “Pico” tools as shown in the image below.




Software release

RN33.1 with update 44 or above.

ANCA has taken the LaserPlus to the next level in terms of usability. These enhancements will provide our customers with more flexibility in the in-process measurement capability inside a grinding machine




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