The Sharp E Newsletter - Aug 2013


This month we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our EROSION & GRINDING machine the EDGe at EMO exhibition on September 16 in Hannover, Germany. We introduce the new machine to you and also talk about the many other new products that we will have on the EMO stand. We also demonstrate how you can reduce lead time by integrating an ERP tool processing system with your ANCA tool grinder and introduce the new RoboMate Vision System for detecting coolant holes.

See EDGe launch, ERP demo, MicroPlus & more at ANCA's EMO stand

Come and see ANCA at EMO Exhibition in Hannover, Germany from 16-21 September in Hall 6, Stand 47. ANCA will be  launching the new EDGe erosion and tool grinding machine at the show. The EDGe has the flexibility to erode PCD tools and grind carbide and HSS tools on the same machine. ANCA has released several new products recently which will also be on show at EMO. These include the MicroPlus workholding system, FastLoad and FastLoad-MX Compact Loaders, RoboMate Vision System for detecting coolant holes in drills and Premier Collet Adaptors. Other machines on the ANCA stand will include the TXcell, MX7, MX5 and FastGrind tool grinders.

Now you can Erode AND Grind with ANCA - the launch of the EDGe machine

Now you can Erode AND Grind with ANCA, see the launch of the new EDGe erosion and grinding machine at EMO. With the EDGe you will have the flexibility to erode PCD tools AND grind carbide and HSS tools. The EDGe will enable you to be competitive in the growing market of PCD tools required for composites and other materials used in industries such as aerospace.

Link your ANCA machine to an ERP tool processing system - we show you how.

ANCA will be demonstrating an ERP (enterprise resource planning) tool processing system using the TXcell tool grinder with integrated robot work cell at EMO. The complete tool manufacturing system will demonstrate how you can reduce lead time and eliminate errors using RFID (radio-frequency identification) or barcode technology.

New Vision System for Detecting Coolant Holes

The new RoboMate Vision System was developed for customers who need to detect internal coolant holes on drills that deliver coolant directly to the tip of the drill. The RoboMate Vision System uses the robot to place the drill under the camera before loading it into the machine. The camera ensures it is loaded into the collet in the correct orientation for flute grinding. This is more productive than using touch probe digitising of coolant holes as the Vision System reduces overall manufacturing cycle time. The RoboMate and Vision System can be seen in action on the MX5 during EMO.

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