Visit us at IMTS 2014 to be the first to see our 3 new tool grinders


IMTS2014_noDates.jpgStand N-7414
Date: 8 - 13 September 2014
Where:  Chicago, USA
Opening hours: 9am to 6pm



ANCA will be unveiling 3 new tool grinders at 10.15am, 8 September

Visit the ANCA stand and join us in this exciting event as we unveil 3 new tool grinders. These are part of the 5 new tool grinders in the new range, all with new technology and new features.



ANCA celebrates 40 years in 2014

ANCA was established in 1974 in Melbourne, Australia by Pat Boland and Pat McCluskey who are joint Managing Directors. In 2014 ANCA is celebrating 40 years of innovation. Over that time ANCA has been first to market with many features including CIM3D and the MPG feed. With the release last year of the EDGe and MicroPlus, ANCA continues to strive towards the achievement of continued excellence and tighter tolerances for customers.

If you are visiting IMTS this year, please visit the ANCA stand and wish us Happy Birthday. You might even meet one of the two Pats themselves!

 ANCA 40 years 

See the new EDGe Erosion & Grinding machine in action 

The EDGe was launched at EMO last year and has been a popular addition to the ANCA range. Our customers now have the flexibility to erode PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tools and grind carbide and HSS tools on the same machine. This provides increased opportunities in the growing PCD tool market.

The EDGe will be displayed with the PREMIER Collet Adaptor and the FastLoad Compact Loader. 

The EDGe includes the latest technology erosion power generator. The eSpark generator monitors and controls the energy level of every spark for optimum surface finish, material removal and cycle time.

 EDGe machine

Come & test-drive the new CIM3D 2014 release Software

At IMTS ANCA's software application specialists will be demonstrating a new version of CIM3D (2014 release). This version has many significant improvements including:

•   Higher quality images
•   Better user icons
•   Modernisation of the user interface
•   Real speed animation at 100% feedrate
•   Graphics anti aliasing (much sharper images and lines)



See an ERP tool processing system integrated with the TXcell

ANCA will be demonstrating an ERP (enterprise resource planning) tool processing system using the TXcell tool grinder with integrated robot work cell. The complete tool manufacturing system will demonstrate how you can reduce lead time and eliminate errors using RFID (radio-frequency identification) or barcode technology. 


The latest must-have ACCESSORIES you can see in action at IMTS

MicroPlus workholding & tool support system

Consists of the Flexi-Chuck assembly for workholding and the Overhead Top Clamp assembly (OTC) for tool support. The MicroPlus reduces tool runout to less than 3 micron.

RoboMate Loader

The RoboMate loader is a versatile and flexible automation solution that is designed with high levels of safety and ergonomics. 

PREMIER Collet Adaptors

ANCA's new premium range of collet adaptors use a new totally internal clamping mechanism to prevent possible runout.

LaserPlus Measurement System

The LaserPlus uses a laser beam to measure a cutting tool's dimensions in the machine. It is ANCA's premium tool measurement product. The machine makes any required compensations after the required calculations.

LaserPlus with cover on the TX7+ tool grinder - shown with a profile tool

To find out more about the above products come and visit the ANCA stand at IMTS, contact your ANCA representative or visit the ANCA website.

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