The Sharp E Newsletter - August 2012


The new ANCA MX5 tool grinder is already attracting a lot of attention after its recent release.  An affordable, high quality machine in the MX range, it suits a lot of customer's requirements.  This month, we talk about its features and suitability for endmill production.  ToolRoom 2012 software is now available and we outline some of the features that are specifically useful for endmill manufacturers.  The 5 steps to making a bone drill that surgeons like to use are also included, and we celebrate the opening of the new ANCA Motion HQ in Australia.

NEW! - MX5 Aimed Squarely at Volume Endmill Production

The MX5 is ANCA’s replacement for the RX7 and is perfectly tuned to high volume endmill production and resharpening. It is the most affordable machine in the popular high quality MX range. It is suitable for everything from micro-tools, up to tools of 16mm (5/8”) shank size. Read on to find out more about ANCA's latest release.

ToolRoom 2012. More new features for Endmills!

ToolRoom 2012 is now available and its many new features is making it a popular upgrade.  This month we outline a few more of the time saving benefits included in this significant release. These include features to assist endmills including auto wheel orientation, ball gash undercutting detection, ball gash extensions, ballnose angular path exension, complex variables for corner radius, index X position reference, ball and corner radius gashing, endface and point gashing clearance and eccentric cup wheel qualification.

What Makes for a Bone Drill that Surgeons Like to Use?

On the one hand, a bone drill must be sharp enough to avoid heat build-up and the consequent risk of bone necrosis, but on the other hand, it needs to avoid grabbing or jarring. It also has to be stable, smooth to operate, not prone to vibration and predictable in applied force. These 5 steps will help you design and manufacture bone drills that surgeons want to use.

The ANCA Group open new ANCA Motion Headquarters

 The ANCA Group continue to grow.  They formally opened their new ANCA Motion headquarters in Melbourne, Australia recently with the Australian Minister for Industry and Innovation, Greg Combet, and many other Victorian Government dignitaries, Industry bodies, customers and Universities in attendence.

ANCA Motion develops innovative computer controlled systems for use in complex manufacturing processes including robotics, engine components and high end production lines.  They manufacture the CNC controllers for ANCA tool grinders which are an integral part of the machine.

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