ToolDraft v1.1 is now available with new features and enhancements


ToolDraft v1.1 is now available to customers as a maintenance release for ToolDraft, ANCA's 2D tool drawing software. This release has many new features and enhancements which will be beneficial to existing customers using this application. This version is backwards compatible with earlier versions. 

Existing customers can receive the free upgrade by contacting their local ANCA branch.

Some of the new ToolDraft v1.1 features include:

  • Ability to change tool detail
    All detail levels similar to CIM3D are available in ToolDraft application.

  • Hatching cross section views and hatch patterns styles
    Hatching is available for cross sections by default and can be turned on and off. The pattern can be modified in styles.
  • Improved cross section indicators 
    These are customisable and can be modified as per requirement.
  • Cross section cropping
    Cross section views can be cropped by selecting a three point circle.

  • Measurement points 
    Users can now add an additional snappable point to tool views.
  • Datum reference symbols
    This can be added to any tool view with the ability to adjust position and size.

  • Feature control frame
    Feature control frames can be added to any tool view and can have up to 5 compartments.
  • Tolerance styles
    Option has been provided to modify dimension tolerance figure separately.
  • Menu option to change language
    New languages added to ToolDraft include English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Polish and German. The languages can be easily switched from the Help menu.

 The full list of enhancements is available in the Release Notes (English only).

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