Tip 7: Rinse and repeat


A modern tool grinder gives you incredible flexibility to quickly design, set up and grind a myriad of complex cutting tools, but never forget that a repeat order for a batch you’ve already optimised will be profit straight in your pocket.

For your regular runs, try to keep a set of wheel packs just for that job and make sure you have a good filing system for your wheel and tool definition files. This will cut your setup and qualification time down dramatically and get you moving from batch to batch in no time at all.

Now, all that’s left is to put your feet up and relax, or head to the golf course while your machine makes the money for you, grinding a complete batch of quality carbide cutting tools. Better yet, why not head back to the office, grab a coffee and fire up your 3D simulator to work on your next job while the machine’s busy spitting out carbide swarf.

A 3D simulator is not only good for setting up your next job offline, but it’s also an invaluable package for new tool design, optimisation, diagnostics, costing and training. You can also use it for marketing; just email 3D models of completed tools to your potential customers to show them quickly what you are capable of producing.


If you want to branch out into a new market, some tool and cutter grinder suppliers will let you load a new application software package onto your simulator for free. You can then explore the market, become familiar with the software and produce 3D models of tools to email to your potential customers for acceptance or simply publish them on your company’s web page to get your product out there.

Then, when you have secured the order you can commit to purchase the software for your grinding machine and actually launch into production of real parts with a high degree of confidence.

Your 3D simulator is more than a piece of software and can directly contribute to the efficiency of your carbide tool production. It’s like a Swiss army knife for your grinding business, with equal parts - 3D simulation, design, optimisation, diagnostics, training and a marketing tool. Use it to its full potential and watch your business soar.