Tip 6: Turn off the lights to save the planet


If you’ve followed the previous five tips, your tool and cutter grinder should now be purring away, churning out quality tool after quality tool.

If you grind a tool with an extremely long cycle time or if you’ve got a suitable automatic tool loader on your machine, you can now ramp up your profits by ramping down your supervision of the machine.

Switch off the lights iautomation-crop-portrait.jpgn your factory and let the machine do the work for you, confidently knowing that your machine is well tuned and optimised, with your process under constant surveillance and control.

Many tool and cutter grinders now include automated wheel pack changers. If your tools require some heavy cutting or ultra-fine tolerances, particularly if you are not able to dress in cycle, it’s a good idea to include multiple sets of identical wheel packs so you can schedule wheel pack swaps mid batch to keep your production process accurate and efficient.

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong during grinding, it is possible with some tool grinder CNCs, to have the machine automatically send you a message via SMS, email or instant messaging, telling you exactly what the problem is.

Even if no problem occurs, it can be useful to use the CNC’s messaging feature to let you know your pallet is full of perfectly ground carbide cutting tools, just waiting for you to unload and turn them into profit.