ANCA TapX and TXcell: The Complete Tap Manufacturing Solutions



ANCA's TapX is a revolution in tap design and manufacture. In a single compact set-up, one machine can perform the entire scope of tap manufacturing processes from blank to finished product.

Flexibility is the key feature of the tap grinding process on the TapX. Specially-designed tooling combined with the powerful iTap software means that a wide range of tap types and sizes can be designed and manufactured on one machine. This ensures greater productivity and shorter lead times.


  • One machine solution for the complete production of all styles of HSS and carbide taps
  • Excellent tooling flexibility means that the TapX has fast set-up times and is suited to small or large volume batch runs
  • Impressive suite of dedicated tap and flute design software including optional 3D simulation of tool grinding process
  • Flexible wheel dressing options for all grinding wheels
  • Optional on machine thread and OD relief measurements

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Sample Application

1 5/16" spiral flute tap designed to be ground on ANCA TapX1 5/16" spiral flute tap
High-speed steel
Cycle time estimate 10 mins 55 secs

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