ANCA TX7+: The Tough Production Performer



ANCA’s premium machine – the result of 20 years of ongoing R&D and the implementation of customer feedback. The basis of the powerful TX7+ is our expertise in CNC technology, mechanical and electrical design and software engineering. It is a machine that is an industry benchmark in CNC tool grinding.

Flexible software and tooling, combined with a large working envelope mean the TX7+ is also capable of manufacturing much more complex tools than endmills and drills. It can also be used to manufacture rotary medical instruments, standard and key hole press punches, and components for the medical, aerospace and automotive industries.


  • Suitable for heavy-duty manufacturing and reconditioning precision cutting and drilling tools, plus component manufacture
  • Automatic wheel changer enables up to 8 grinding wheels to be used in one set-up
  • Wide variety of workholding and support tooling to meet individual needs
  • RoboMate automation for unmanned operation
  • 37 kW (49 HP) peak spindle power
  • Integrated dresser roll on the headstock

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