ANCA MX5: Quality Has Just Become More Affordable!



Meet the new MX5 tool grinder - the latest member of the popular MX family.

We've included the most important features from the MX series - while still designing a more affordable machine!

Designed with volume producers in mind, the MX5 also has the flexibility to easily handle small and mixed batches of tools.

The recently launched MX5 is the dream machine of affordable tool grinders. It is positioned in the middle of the ANCA range, between the entry level FastGrind and the larger TX series.

The stability and power has been included to cater to endmill manufacturers and a wide range of other tool grinding requirements. However, costs have been reduced compared to the premium MX7 by altering features not required by all users. These include the reduction of the number of wheel packs from 6 down to 2. This has meant the creation of a precise, flexible machine that is affordable to more customers.

The new MX5 has all the rigidity, stability and accuracy characteristics of the proven MX7, in a machine that is affordable to more customers.


  • 26 kW (34.8 HP) peak spindle power
  • Compact machine with strength, power and versatility
  • RoboMate loader with 15-second load time
  • 2-station wheel pack with max. of 4 wheels each
  • Suitable for grinding wheels up to 203 mm diameter (8")
  • Ideal for grinding tools up to 16 mm (5/8") diameter in large volumes

Download ANCA MX5 Brochure >>