Getting the balance right

Correctly balanced wheels result in superior surface finish and geometry. That is why all good grinders know the enemy of grinding is vibration. When a wheel is out of balance, the vibration is felt throughout the spindle assembly of the machine, and in severe cases wheel imbalance can be felt through the entire machine. This can lead to excessive wheel wear, inaccurate tools and poor surface finish on the tool.

ANCA Grinder provides Pro-Cut with Cutting-Edge

The employment of skilled craftsmen and the use of the best available precision manufacturing technologies enables Pro-Cut to efficiently produce and service woodworking cutting tools and to promptly deliver them to all parts of the UK.

NDS Tooling Solutions invest in ANCA FX7 Linear

ANCA CNC grinding machines are well known for being fast, accurate and offer high levels of technology.
Watch this video to see why NDS Tooling recently invested in a NEW ANCA FX7 linear.

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