The Sharp E Newsletter - June 2011


We talk about the highly anticipated launch of ANCA’s Cim3D V7 tool simulation software this month. We also share tips to reduce spindle and tool run-out, and improve cycle times, with articles on ANCA’s Spindle Orientation System, the Precision Clamp Steady and wheel dressing. If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, please follow the unsubscribe link at the end of this email.

Cim3D V7 - Faster - More Models - Better Measurement

The launch of ANCA’s Cim3D V7 is here! Cim3D revolutionised the industry and V7 has some exciting new features for users. It is faster, it has quicker set-up of tooling and accessory models, it has 2D overlays for instant visual verification,  in-depth cycle time estimation and more!

Clamping Down on Tool Run-out

Find out how tool run-out and deflection can be reduced with the use of the Precision Clamp Steady. Achieve less than 3 microns run-out by ensuring batches of tools consistently run true to the centre line during rotation.

Dress for Success – 3 Steps to Aggressive Cycle Times

Find out how you can optimise your wheel performance through automated wheel dressing. We discuss the benefits and how it will prolong wheel life. Also outlined is how the combination of wheel dressing, Crusher Roll Grinding Wheel Dressing and Adaptive Grinding creates a formative plan of wheel regeneration options that will improve your cycle times.

Improve Accuracy and Reduce Vibration on Your Existing TX7+

ANCA’s Spindle Orientation Solution is retrofittable to the TX7+ and ensures auto spindle to arbor orientation. We outline this new development which will prevent the introduction of run-out back into the grinding wheel by ensuring the spindle and wheel arbor repeatedly return to the same relative position. 

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