ANCA launches Apprentice Training Centre


ANCA is a world class innovative technology provider and has built a rich tradition of training Apprentices and Trainees over its 37 year history.

After many months of detailed preparation, an initiative of Pat McCluskey (Joint Managing Director) was launched after the assistance of many ANCA colleagues and some technical suppliers. ANCA has opened a new purpose-built Apprentice training Centre in an ANCA manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia. ANCA has dedicated a large area of previous production space to the Apprentice Training Centre.

ANCA Apprentice Training Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Pat McCluskey with some of the new ANCA apprentices

Pat McCluskey with some of the new ANCA apprentices

McCluskey, one of the two founders of ANCA, states that “it was important to me to pass on to others the excellent opportunity that I received when I underwent my apprenticeship many years ago. It really can lead as far as you want to take it. We deal with an exciting area of manufacturing industry at ANCA and I would like to share that with others. We will be teaching everything from Mechatronics to Fitting and Turning. Another reason we launched the Apprentice Training Centre is because we couldn’t find training centres for trade level machine tool techniques. So we decided to establish one ourselves where we could train apprentices in-depth on how to build CNC machines and all associated skills”.

Included in the brand new equipment sourced from everywhere from the UK to the US is a Festo Pneumatics training board and an ITU Electrical Controls training panel. Apprentices will also undertake tasks such as building robot arms and learning to control them through their computers. Training will be a combination of ANCA-based training and one day per week at TAFE.

ANCA will work closely with AiGTS (Australian Industry Group Training Services), who assists with the employment and administration of the apprentices, during the four year term of each apprenticeship. Five new apprentices started in May in addition to the placement of several apprentices in 2010. These apprentices will be the first apprentices to pass through the new training centre, and will help shape the training and skills development for future apprentices.

The apprentices will spend their first 12 months in the training centre being taught the fundamentals of fitting and machining under the careful guidance of the Head of the Apprentice Training Centre, Roy Tomalin. They will be involved in building scale models of lathes, model robots, and building machines from the base to completion whilst they develop the important skills of scraping, grinding and machining before moving to the various areas in the workshop to further develop their skills.


Launch of the Apprentice Training Centre to the parents and family of apprentices

Launch of the ANCA Apprentice Training Centre to the parents and family of apprenticesOn the evening of Thursday 12th May ANCA launched the Apprentice Training Centre with AIGTS, parents, family and apprentices in attendance along with management and staff of ANCA. The evening was a huge success with parents noting what a “clean and modern” facility the ANCA factory is, and touched with the effort made to ensure their children were welcomed and were obviously entering a professional training and career choice. All parents and friends agreed that the apprentices are in for a fantastic four years of training and their careers in Engineering will ensure they are highly skilled and sought after in their future endeavours.

Each apprentice was presented with an Indenture Certificate with official red embossed logo which was signed on the evening by the apprentice, guardian, Pat McCluskey and the CEO, Grant Anderson. This ceremony was undertaken to represent the Indenture ceremonies that represented the beginning of Apprenticeships in the past and to communicate to the apprentices the importance of what they are undertaking. These indenture certificates will be held at the centre for presentation to each apprentice upon their completion of the apprenticeship.


 Apprentice Indenture papers signed

Apprentice and parent with Grant Anderson and Pat McCluskey after getting Apprentice Indenture papers signed


AiGTS employment consultant Craig Hilton made comment at the launch that “AiGTS are thrilled and appreciative of the efforts made by ANCA, and particularly the investment made by Pat McCluskey, to provide a facility such as this to allow young people to enter the trade of Engineering and be able to learn in such a great environment”.

ANCA and AiGTS look forward to training apprentices and to watching young people invest in their own futures by participating in an apprenticeship. ANCA also look forward to seeing these apprentices step into integral roles at ANCA in the future.


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