The Sharp E Newsletter - Mar 2014


Welcome to our first edition for 2014. This month we invite you to join us at the Grindtec exhibition in Germany, Benchmark Carbide in the US talk about how they significantly increased their endmill demand and production, and we introduce the LaserPlus, our automatic measurement system that now measures profile tools.

Visit us at Grindtec to see the latest CIM3D & the new EDGe

ANCA celebrates 40 years in 2014. Come and help us celebrate at Grindtec. In action will be our recently launched EDGe erosion and tool grinding machine, and our TXcell, TX7, MX7 and FastGrind tool grinders. Automatic loaders such as FastLoad will be demonstrated and also the MicroPlus, LaserPlus and ToolRoom software.

How Benchmark Carbide increased their Endmill production

Benchmark Carbide is an innovative grinding company based in Massachusetts, USA. They make endmills for machining aluminium that are a little different and that outperform other brands. Find out how they reduce vibration in the tool and how they have had to increase production to meet demand.

LaserPlus Measurement System even measures Profile tools

ANCA's LaserPlus Measurement System automatically measures a cutting tool's dimensions with a laser beam, without removing it from the tool grinder. The software then calculates the measurements and the machine automatically makes any required compensation. The LaserPlus can now also measure and compensate profile tools. Find out how the LaserPlus can save you time and money.

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