The Sharp E Newsletter - December 2011


This month, we talk to I Holland, an innovative UK manufacturer of punches and recent convert to the TX7+.  Our guest writer, Walter Graf from the Winterthur Technology Group, shares his insights into 'How to run a Grinding Test'.  We introduce ANCA's new automatic wheel proble that helps qualify your wheels accurately.  The 1000th ANCA RX7 tool grinder is presented to Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy Company (GESAC) in Thailand and we reflect on the development of the RX7.

I Holland, UK Manufacturer of Punches & Recent TX7 Convert!

I Holland is an innovative UK manufacturer of punches and dies to global producers of tablets who has recently purchased some ANCA TX7+s. They discuss how this 5 axis tool grinder is helping them grind punches, such as those used to make Tic Tacs, and the benefits they are discovering compared to traditional 3 and 4 axis punch grinding machines.

How to run a Grinding Test

This month our guest writer, Walter Graf, Chief Marketing Officer from Winterthur Technology Group, will talk about 'How to run a Grinding Test'.  This is to provide a systematic approach that may help you better utilise the full potential of your grinding wheels.

ANCA will from time to time include guest writers in Sharp E that are technical specialists in their relevant area. These will write on subjects to provide information that will be of interest and assistance to our readers. Please note that the information in these articles are the opinions of the authors named.

Towards Zero Manual Compensation with ANCA’s New Automatic Wheel Probe

For short batch grinding the goal is “first tool right - every time”.  For longer batches, we add another goal - “each tool just like the first one”. ANCA’s new automatic wheel probe takes you one big step closer to this ideal by qualifying your wheels accurately with a repeatability of +/- 5 microns (+/- 0.0002”). Watch the video of the wheel probe in action to see how it can save you time and money.

ANCA Delivers 1000th RX7 CNC Tool Grinder

ANCA has presented the 1000th RX7 tool and cutter grinder to Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy Company (GESAC) at a ceremony in Thailand on 11 October. The machine was accepted by GESAC General Manager Wu Qishan and Precision Tool Manufacturing Manager Chen Rongde in a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony.  At this important benchmark, we reflect on the history of the RX7 and how it was developed.

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