Unveiling ANCA’s latest grinding solutions to serve a hot market



To meet unprecedented tooling demands for micro taps, ANCA launches the TapXmicro for single setup grinding of taps M3 and under

January 2018: Demand for smart phones and consumer electronics are driving un-heard-of volumes of tooling and ANCA is serving what the market wants. Designed solely to service the growing micro tap market, the TapXmicro brings a complete grinding package into one versatile machine.

Yet another booming market is the high-speed steel drill and with a yearly demand of around 1.8 billion drills - the opportunities are huge. ANCA’s new FCP4 machine is denying the speed limits to produce drills from Ø0.8 to Ø4mm. This is important for drill makers who can achieve efficiencies and cost benefits by manufacturing a complete high speed steel (HSS) drills on a single machine.

Pat Boland, joint co-founder at ANCA said, “I have been working in the tool and cutter grinding industry for over 40 years and have seen many market shifts during that time and this is the hottest market I have experienced. Across China, the US and Europe we have seen an average 41% increase in orders in the past year and a report on machine tool and parts manufacturing projects a revenue of $1.1 billion AUS for 2016-17.”

“With our customers experiencing record orders the entire industry are having to work extra hard to meet their volumes. Our two latest product releases have been designed for tool makers to capitalise on this boom with products that enable them to service the micro tap sector and produce HSS drills in massive volumes.”

“I hope everyone has a successful Grindtec and welcome everyone to come and join us at Hall 5, Booth 5093 to see our latest technology in action,” Pat concluded.

ANCA will showcase its diverse range of applications – launching two new grinding machines to service small taps through to high volume jobber drills. Marking an expansion into different cutting tool segments, ANCA stands by its brand promise of providing flexibility with a product range that can manufacture an extensive range of cutting tools.

TapXmicro: Single setup grinding of micro taps 3mm and under

Grinding micro tolerances with superior quality the TapXmicro delivers superior quality achieving a pitch diameter CpK of 1.5 when batch grinding M1.4 x 0.3mm taps with a tolerance of ±7μm.

TapXMicro Product Manager, Duncan Thompson comments “when thinking of applications for micro taps (typically defined as having thread pitch of 0.3mm or less) people tend to think of watch making or jewellery industries, but the applications is much broader. In fact, items within arm’s reach – consumer electronics, smart phones and wearables now drive the massive volumes of micro taps and we want our customers to make the most out of this opportunity.”

“The TapXmicro was a logical extension of our tap grinding capabilities, I am confident customers will find the versatility of the machine for grinding taps up to M3 will result in a fast return on investment.”

Based off ANCA’s proven MX Linear machine platform, the five axis machine includes all the necessary features to support each grinding operation. It has capacity for up to six wheel packs, dressers for all grinding wheels and a flexible compensating chuck system between centre work holding.



Denying the speed limits: complete drills in less than 20 seconds

ANCA’s FCP4 High Production Drill Grinder (FCP4) can produce drills from Ø0.8 to Ø4mm presenting an exciting opportunity for drill makers. Important efficiencies and cost benefits can be realised by manufacturing a complete high speed steel (HSS) drill on a single machine. From a blank piece of raw material, the FCP4 grinds the Flute, Relief and Point producing a finished drill.

Simon Richardson, FCP4 Product Manager said: “We listened to our customers who, in this market, faced a lack of choice and responded to their needs to develop a unique solution. With our extensive market knowledge and research and development capabilities, I am confident this new machine will be well received and unleash a whole new world of possibilities for our customers.”

The new machine will enable a complete drill to be manufactured every 20 to 25 seconds, a significant difference from what is currently available in the market. Up until now a drill has been manufactured on two or three separate machines - typically taking several hours and creating needless waste with scrap setup drills. The CNC capability of the FCP4 also has significant advantages in quicker changeover and less setup times required, making the option of smaller production runs viable.


New ToolRoom release ready for Industry 4.0

Get a demo on the ToolRoom 2016 enhancements and how the 2018 version has new ball nose application with designer edges and the next generation of fluting cycles

Come and get a demo of the latest features of our software such as tool balancing and next generation ball nose and many more. Launched earlier this year, ANCA’s new Management Suite is a game changer for the CNC grinding industry. It provides customers the technology to monitor the performance of their machines no matter where they are in the world. The new software also enables companies to run smart factories by providing live production information to make data based decisions on operational improvements.

It doesn’t stop there, at the stand you can see the latest version of ToolDraft which can create Tool and wheel pack drawings within minutes. The CIM3D V8.2 to see how you can get the right balance for variable helix or variable index tools for high speed machining.



Feature-packed grinding expert: the MX7 Linear

The popular MX7 Linear is a powerful versatile, next-generation CNC grinding machine designed to meet the rigorous demands for production grinding. The MX7 Linear is a hardworking, high productivity system with unique features, making it capable of handling varied batch sizes with minimum set up time. The MX7 Linear is driven by LinX cylindrical linear motors (on the X & Y axes) which provides greater performance, higher feed rates and a superior surface finish on the ground tool.

ANCA’s Radio-frequency identification (RFID) increases the flexibility of tool programming, automating the tool loading process and removing the need for an operator to program individual loader pallet pockets to a specific tool. This product is ideal for regrinding or manufacturing a varied range of tools in small to medium sized batches and is available with the MX tool grinders.

Visit the stand and see how the following features greatly improve grinding capabilities:

• RoboMate with the Four Pallet Upgrade;
• RFID and Collet Changing (loading a wide range of different size end mills and drills);
• AutoStick;
• LaserPlus; and
• Wheel Probe.


The FX 5 Linear is a great solution on a budget 

The FX5 Linear provides exceptional value for money offering a wide range of options to increase productivity and accuracy. The FX5 Linear will be fitted with a Nachi tool loader, an affordable automation solution that has been optimised for the highest volume diameters and lengths. It has a capacity range of up to 380 tools and a load cycle time of 15 seconds. In addition, there is no need to change gripper fingers between batches, which further maximises productivity. Ask one of the ANCA sales team to demonstrate:
• The Nachi loader
• Auto wheel qualification
• Pop-up steady
• Premier B32/45 Precision Collet Adaptor



The ‘one-of-a-grind’ TX Linear


ANCA’s premium machine, the TX model has flexible software and tooling combined with a large working envelope that enables the production of more complex tools, heavy duty manufacturing and component manufacturing. The new machine will feature:
• ANCA Motion’s LinX linear motors on X, Y and Z axis that delivers superior grinding surface finish and long term reliability;
• an updated ANCA Motion AM5X CNC and servo drive system, for the latest in motion control performance and reliability; and
• new user friendly operator front panel with touch screen and ergonomic tilt adjustment to suit different operator heights.

In-process measurement is giving an EDGe

The EDGe erosion and tool grinding machine has the flexibility to erode PCD tools and grind carbide and HSS tools. It includes a proprietary eSpark Generator for control over the energy level of the spark, surface finish, material removal and cycle time. Visit the stand to find out more about:

• The benefits achieved by in-process measurement and compensation of tool diameter and profile; and
• how LaserPlus ensures the first tool is ground accurately on the EDGe and subsequent tools in a batch hold tolerance.