ANCA launches a step-change in the Robot teaching process with its new RoboTeach solution


RoboTeach simplifies the complex process of teaching a robot, enabling customers to increase production output and maximise productivity on MX and TX machines


25th October 2016: ANCA’s new RoboTeach solution enables greater efficiency and accuracy when setting up robot automation on their CNC grinding machines. By automating the teaching of the RoboMate Fanuc 200iD robot, the new product significantly decreases downtime achieving greater productivity and reduces the need for specialised operator skills.

Simon Richardson, ANCA MX Machine Platform Product Manager said, “Until now, teaching of the Fanuc Robot (200iD) on RoboMate could be labour intensive and require a unique set of operator skills. Furthermore, accuracy could vary depending on the user conducting the teaching. To solve this problem, ANCA has released RoboTeach, a product that automates the teaching of the RoboMate Fanuc 200iD robots on our MX and TX machine platforms.”

RoboTeach is a machine run program that uses the high accuracy of the grinding machine to measure the robot position and automatically teach and calibrate the robot. The robot position is taught using an electrical contact touch probe held in the robot gripper and a mandrel that locates the position of the machine collet adaptor and tool storage pallets.

A series of instructions on the operator screen guide the user on how to teach the Fanuc robot using ANCA Loadermate software. The easy to follow instructions ensure the operator can quickly and easily teach the Robot positions and coordinates.

RoboTeach Key Benefits

Reduction of manual intervention during the teaching process.

  • Reduction of time taken to teach the Robot from several hours to under 30 minutes.
  • Reduction of set up time achieving cost savings.
  • Consistent teaching of the robot to improve grinding accuracy.
  • Increases productivity and reduces downtime.
  • Significant improvements of the end to end process for teaching the Robot.

The RoboTeach product has a software option and teach tooling kit. The teach tooling kit is supplied in a compact carry case with relevant teaching materials.