Another ANCA Fast Fact


In our new video series, Another ANCA Fast Fact, our resident tool grinding experts share tips and tricks on getting the most out of your ANCA machine.

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Episode #1

Drag & Drop from Windows Explorer to iGrind

ANCA's Software Product Manager Thomson Mathew shows you how to work with your files more efficiently by using the drag and drop method to import TOM files and tool bundles from Windows Explorer into iGrind.


Episode #2

White List Antivirus

Malware can have a significant impact on your tool grinder's operating system, resulting in reduced productivity and increased downtime. Product Manager Duncan Thompson explains how the White List Antivirus will protect your ANCA tool grinder from viruses and other harmful applications.


Episode #3

How to get a burr-free countersink

Burr-free countersink tool type is available as a special in ANCA's ToolRoom software suite. In this episode, Software Product Manager Thomson Mathew talks you through the required operations to design a countersink tool in ToolRoom to make it ready for grinding.


Episode #4


LaserPlus is ANCA's premium tool measurement product, which measures and compensates areas in process during batch tool grinding. Product Manager Andrew Ritchie takes a closer look at the benefits of LaserPlus, and the Nano and Micro types offered by ANCA.


Episode #5

How to maintain air service units on ANCA tool grinders

Ensuring your air compressor is regularly serviced is one of the many ways to keep your ANCA tool grinder in top condition to ensure a long service life. Aftersales Training Manager Stephan Reichert demonstrates how to maintain the machine's air supply quality on an ANCA tool grinder.